Monday 2 April 2012

Syrian IED Videos

Back in February TIME magazine visited a bomb makers workshop in Syria, highlighting what would appear to be the beginnings of a shift in tactics by FSA groups around Idlib to guerrilla warfare rather than direct confrontation with Assad's forces.  A more recent LA Times article also visited a bomb makers near Idlib:
The rebels have been using homemade bombs for months, but they have begun to depend on them even more in the last month as the government has turned its attention to regaining control here in Idlib, a rebellious northwestern province bordering Turkey, after months of gradual progress on the part of the rebels.
I've noted on Youtube there's been a big increase in the number of IED videos being posted from Idlib in the past month, here's a selection of videos I've found showing IEDs being used to attack Assad's forces:

 Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib 09/03/12

As is common in many of the videos from Idlib a BMP is being targeted by the IED.

Jericho, Idlib 11/03/12
It's hard to make out if this is a BMP or tank because of the grain of the video.

Jericho, Idlib 11/03/12
This video clearly shows a tank passing first before the BMP is hit by the IED, something that's shown repeatedly in these IED videos.

Idlib 14/03/12

This video shows what I believe to be a T72 tank being hit by an IED, but with it's underside armour it's questionable how effective this would have been.

Idlib 15/03/12
Again, this video shows a BMP being targeted, a much easier target to disable or destroy without shaped charges.

Idlib 15/03/12
Another video where a tank is allowed to pass before the BMP is hit with the IED, strongly suggesting this is a tactic repeatedly used in Idlib by the FSA.

More recently two videos from Hama have emerged showing the use of IED against even softer targets.  In this first video from 22/03/12 a small IED is used to attack a foot patrol (graphic)
And in this video from 28/03/12 an IED is used to attack what's claimed to be a white security van
It'll be interesting to see more videos coming from Hama to see if it has the same pattern of attacks against softer targets.  Idlib certaintly seems focused on attacking BMPs, and it could just be that there's less BMPs to attack near Hama, or they prefer hitting much lighter targets.

Finally, one video appeared in the last couple of days from Dael, Daera, dated 29/03/12 showing a BMP being attacked

I'll certaintly be keeping an eye out for more IED attack videos as they certaintly indicate a shift in tactics by the various FSA affiliated groups, and the more recent videos from outside Idlib seems to indicate it's something that's spreading across the country.

If any of you have videos of IEDs being used at any point in the conflict please post them in the comments below, it would be especially interesting if they were from much earlier in the conflict, or areas where there's no evidence of IEDs being used as of yet.  I'm also relying on Google Translate for informaiton on the videos, so if I've put anything inaccurate or you have more information on the videos let me know and I'll update the post accordingly.

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