Monday 2 April 2012

Daily Selected Syria Videos April 2nd 2012

Here's a selection of videos from the various Syrian opposition Youtube channels posted in the last 24 hours:

Tank firing directly at the cameraman, unknown location - 02/04/2012

Video of the FSA liberation of the Homs National Hospital - 02/04/2012

Video showing the conditions Syrian refugees find themselves in

GRAPHIC - Mohammed Nayef Fahmi killed in Homs by a mortar while bringing food for his family - 01/04/2012

Shelling throughout Homs - 01/04/2012

Shelling around a mosque in Homs - 02/04/2012

Video showing the massive amount of damage done to Homs with shelling in the background- 02/04/12

Tour of damage done to a mosque in Homs - 02/04/12

Trucks carrying Syrian security forces moving into Idlib - 01/04/2012

Artillery damage to homes in Rasten - 02/04/2012

Aid being sent from Rasten to the people of Homs - 02/04/12
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