Saturday 23 June 2012

25 Highly Recommend Arab Spring Twitter Accounts

After following the Arab Spring for the past 18 months I've followed what I like to think is a finely honed list of Twitter accounts that provides me with useful news and information from across the Middle East without having to wade through hundreds of irrelevant Tweets.  Here's a selection of 25 accounts I'd recommend to anyone keeping their eye on the Middle East, or for anyone thinking of starting up a new Twitter account.

Bjørn H Jespersen - Blogs and Tweets about the various weapons and equipment used by both side of the conflict.

Jenan Moussa - Roving Al Alan reporter, visits and Tweets from a lot of trouble spots across the Middle East, recently including al-Kufra in Libya.

Sami al-Hamwi - Hama based Syrian activist, well connected, and a great source of Syrian news.

Dan Murphy - Works for the Christian Science Monitor, good source of nonsense free news and opinion on the Middle East.

Andy Carvin - Senior strategist for NPR, great source of information on events in the Middle East, and communicates well with the Twitter community about events there.

Michael Nahum - Operates the Syrian Scenes Youtube channel, providing translations of videos from Syria.  My preferred Syria translation channel, more quality than quantity.

Ahmed Al Omran - Saudi blogger and journalist, good source of news from across the region.

Brian WhitakerGuardian Middle East specialist and blogger, good source of articles without any white noise Tweets.  Frequently moderates the Guardian Middle East Live Blog.

Ismael - Commonly know as Change In Libya, a reliable source of Libya news since the beginning of the Libyan Civil War.

Borzou Daragahi - Financial Times Middle East and North Africa correspondent, another good source of news without a lot of white noise Tweets.

Edward Dark - Syrian activist posting a good mix of interesting videos and breaking news.

Austin Tice - Freelance photojournalist working inside Syria, and getting some unique insights into the conflict.

BSyria - A good source of news and opinion from Syria.

Hadeel Al-Shalchi - Libya based Reuters correspondent, keeping an eye on Egypt as well.

Rana Jawad - Libya based BBC correspondent

NMSyria - Syria activist and blogger, good source of news from across Syria.

Sultan Al Qassemi - Commentator of Arab affairs, good source of breaking news from across the region.

James W. Foley - Journalist and blogger reporting from across the Middle East, currently focused on Syria.

Arabist - Twitter account for the Arabist blog, offering interesting commentary and insight into events in the Middle East.

Nuff Silence - Syrian activist, and a good source of information coming out of Syria.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights - Posts interesting videos gathered from a variety of Youtube channels.

Javier Espinosa - Roving El Mundo reporter, currently spending a lot of time with the FSA in Syria.

Armchair Arab - A good source of news and opinion from Libya.

Rena Netjes - Egypt & Libya Correspondent for a number of Dutch titles, mainly Tweets in English though.

James Miller - Editor of EA Worldview, keeping a close eye on the Middle East.

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