Tuesday 12 June 2012

Operation Motorman Files Reveal Ally McCoist Hacked, But....

Today there's been reports that Rangers boss Ally McCoist has been told by police his phone has been hacked by the News of the World during their investigations into documents from Operation Motorman, the original phone hacking investigation focusing on private detective Steve Whittamore:
Last night, a source close to McCoist, 49, said: “He has received calls from the police telling him they believe he was hacked.
“He expected he might have heard more, perhaps a letter. But he’s not heard anything, so he’s waiting to see how things develop.”
It goes onto say that "details about McCoist have appeared in documents looked at by the Operation Motorman inquiry team". 

What's rather interesting is if you look through the names in the leaked "Blue Book", which lists the various jobs requested by News International titles Ally McCoist's name doesn't appear at all.  This perhaps suggests the police have much more to look at than has been previously mentioned in the Information Commisioners report What Price Privacy Now, which included a table of collating the number of jobs requested per paper based of the "Blue Book", and other books for other newspapers.  So if the police are looking at far more than just the books that are referred to in the report who knows what they could find?

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  1. What would be most interesting are the names that have been proved to be hacked yet no stories have appeared.
    As some of the evidence at Leveson has shown more power can be leveraged against individuals when stories are withheld after "deals" done.

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