Friday 15 June 2012

Alleged Extrajudicial Punishments By The FSA

Two very disturbing videos have been posted on Youtube today showing alleged extrajudicial punishments performed by members of the FSA.  The first, posted by Anonymous Syria, shows a man described as being an informant to the Syrian intelligence services being thrown out a third story window
This is allegedly the Nour Battalion, who I believe are based around Nabak.

The next video, via the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights allegedly shows the execution of an alleged shabiha by the FSA AlQa'aqa battalion, and due to it's graphic nature you can view it by clicking here.

As with most videos from Syria it's difficult to be certain of the authenticity of these videos, but they did spark a debate on Twitter, here's some of the comments:

I am worried about slippery slopes & before we know it people settle old scores by labeling & killing their foes
don't let perfection fool u, do what ever u can to win ur fight,there's no place for human rights anymore
An unorthodox way to kill someone and I don't like it. But I think it will discourage shabiha and not damage the revolution.
if u could make it to them then u could save lives instead of killing them, exchange them for detainees or money
posted video hours earlier when it was 1st posted&source that post it said he fell on his head
We have to have higher moral standards, otherwise we have to question who we are.
All Syrians should be sickened by this. WE CANT ALLOW Assad to steel OUR HUMANITY! Hes turning us into him!  This is a gift to Assad and no-one else. In the eyes of the world, we will again be animals.
Updated June 16th Two earlier graphic videos were also posted last week showing more evidence of alleged extrajudicial punishments by the FSA.  The first graphic video, shows the corpse of a captured colonel, who the men on the video accuse of murder, robbery, abducting woman and forcing other soldiers to shoot on civilians. The second graphic video is an alleged shabiha leader, who appears to have possibly been shot in the forehead.

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