Saturday 23 June 2012

FSA Video - Captured Shabiha Confesses To Robbery and Rape

This video has been posted online and shows an alleged captured shabiha confessing to a series of crimes including robbery and multiple rapes:

Twitter user translated the confession:
The man confessing is described as Ahmad Eido Eido from Al Fawz village, with the interview being carried about by Mohammad Abdel Razzaq Ibrahim – FSA Brigade AL Haytham.

Haytham - How long have you been with the security forces?

Eido - Since the beginning of the revolution

Haytham - What is your aim?

Eido - To quash the revolution.

Haytham - And what else?

Eido - We were induced by a certain amount of money.

Haytham - How much?

Eido - 15000 Syrian Pounds.

Haytham - Weekly? Monthly?

Eido - Monthly.

Haytham - Do you go out to carry out raids?

Eido - I go out on a security purpose.

Haytham - On a security purpose?

Eido - Indeed, on a security purpose.

Haytham - With the army?

Eido - Yes, and we raid the houses on the basis we are the security forces.

Haytham - Security forces?

Eido - Indeed. We enter the houses to search. If there are men we push them out of the houses for few hours.  We take all the money and jewels we find. And if there are women, we rape them.

Haytham - How many women did you rape?

Eido - Seven cases of rape.

Haytham - Seven?

Eido - Indeed.

Haytham - Where did these rapes happen?

Eido - Some at the village Al Fawl.  First cases at the school, we raped them for 6 continuous hours.  Then we entered another house as a security forces on the ground that there are terrorists inside.  We entered the house, we have tied the man, stolen jewels and money, and we raped women. One of them is from Knissat Bani Az.  And we were four to rape her (me and 3 shabiha) and she committed suicide following her rape.  The other case is a girl, we entered to search her house as a security forces and we have stolen money and raped her.

And there is another rape in Damascus. We entered her house on the ground we are security forces' elements.  We entered the house and raped the girl.

Haytham - And who did you deliver to the army?

Eido - 5 names : Abdel Wahid Ashqarou-Mustapha sheikh Salem-Ahmad Jablawi-Ayman and Ahmad Ammouri (Aleppo) -Ahmad Rajab (Al Fawz village)

Haytham - And who are the security forces you are dealing with?

Eido - Lieutenant Colonel (Moqaddam) Samir.

Haytham - Who else?

Eido - Two elements, Assef and Sleiman.

Haytham - Who is (Moqaddam) Samir?

Eido - From the coast.

Then he asks all those who carry such actions to renounce and ask for forgiveness.
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