Sunday 26 August 2012

Captured Major General Defects To The FSA

Back in June I wrote about the capture of Major General and Brigadier General in Damascus, Brigadier General Mounir Shleibi of the notorious Palestine Intelligence Branch, and Major General Faraj al-Maqt of Syrian Central Command.  In an interesting twist a new video has been posted online in the last few days showing Major General Faraj al-Maqt declaring his defection to the Free Syrian Army

In the video he states his name, that he was arrested on June 20th, and that he is defecting after witnessing first hand the murder of children and innocent civilians by artillery, mortar, and aircraft for the 17 days he was detained with the Free Syrian Army.  He then goes onto say he's received nothing but the utmost humane, moral, and ethical treatment, and urges members of the Syrian Army, in particular the Druze, to defect and join the FSA under the Sultan Basha al-Atrash Battalion, which appears to have been founded in December last year according to this video in Houran.

At the end of his video his military ID is displayed
Which appears to match the ID shown in the earlier video
Reliable activist THE_47th claimed this about the apparent defection
Mjr Gen. Faraj Al Maqt kidnapped 2 months ago: Forced to pretend-defection here:

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