Tuesday 28 August 2012

Collected Evidence Of Cluster Bombs Used In Syria

On July 10th I identified the first recorded use of cluster bombs in Syria, but since then there's been no evidence of further cluster bomb use, bar unverified reports.  Now new videos have emerged that show a new kind of cluster bomblet and the bomb used to drop them from the town of Abu Kamal
This first video shows a dozen PTAB-2.5m cluster bomblets (identified from this document), which are held up and shown to the camera
These cluster bombs are deployed by a RBK-250 cluster bomb, which can hold 42 of the bomblets, and a video from the same area also shows what appears to be a casing for a one
Update August 29th Another video of what appears to be the same bomb has been posted

It should be noted that PTAB-2.5m cluster bomblets are commonly used as anti-tank bombs.  Bjørn H Jespersen pointed out a great example of those bomblets being loaded into a RBK 250 cluster bomb

This may not be the only example of a cluster bomb used recently, as this video also catches the remains of a bomb that looks like it could possibly be a larger RBK series cluster bomb
Update August 29th This video has been posted online that appears to show a child that has been given an unexploded cluster muntion from the above bomb so he can be filmed with it.  Needless to say this is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible

Update August 31st HamaEcho has spotted another video of an RBK-250 cluster bomb carrying PTAB-2.5m cluster bomblets (according to the writing on the casing) dropped in the Dier Ez Zor region

Update October 9th This video from Altmanah, Idlib shows a new example of a cluster bomb with AO-1 SCH bomblets, which were first seen in the original sighting of cluster bombs in Syria

Update October 9th I've now come across what appears to be the tail end of a cluster bomb in Taftanaz, Idlib

Thanks to Bjørn H Jespersen for highlighting the original channel this video was posted in which also had this additional video

This video from the same channel apparently shows the above cluster bomb being dropped

Update October 9th Here's a third new cluster bomb sighting from Rif Dimashq, Eastern Bouwayda. Damascus Suburb

Update October 11th It appears another cluster bomb tail has been spotted Ma'arrat al Nouman, Idlib (via @Guardian_Mario)

Update October 11th Another two videos showing a cluster bomb tail and bomblets have been posted from Talmenes, in Ma'arrat al-Numan, Idlib, and appears to be different from the one shown above

Update October 11th Another cluster bomb and bomblets in Idlib, this time in Al Tah, south of Ma'arrat al Nouman

Update October 11th Another from Al Tah, it should be said it's unclear if these bombs are the same, or different bombs

Further videos of cluster bombs used in Syria can be found in this post.

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