Sunday 14 October 2012

New Cluster Bomb Videos October 13th - 14th

The following are videos of clusters bombs collected over the last two days.  Earlier videos can be found here and here.  I also recommend reading the Human Rights Watch report, Syria: New Evidence Military Dropped Cluster Bombs, which goes explores the issues surrounding the use of cluster bombs in more detail.

First of all two videos showing the the tail section of cluster bomb canisters in the Damascus suburb of Hamouriah, northeast of the city.  It's unclear if these are two separate incident, although looking at the surrounding area it is possible

This video from Al Zafaraneah, Rastan shows another tail section buried in the soil

These next 3 videos from Kafar Takharim, Idlib, appears to show the same cluster bomb canister, which helpfully has the model and what is contains stenciled on the side, confirming this is a RBK 250-275 with AO1-Sch bomblets

Finally here's two videos from locations in Idlib, the second from Isqat, yet again showing partly buried tail sections

[Videos from October 15th]

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