Saturday 6 October 2012

Videos Show A Jet Shot Down In Mohassen, Deir ez-Zor

It seems that the helicopter filmed being shot down near Damascus yesterday wasn't the only aircraft shot down.  Videos have been posted from Mohassen, Deir Ez Zor, showing evidence of a jet that appears to have been shot down.  The first video shows what activists claim to be the smoke coming from the crashed jet

The next video shows the parachute and helmet of the pilot

Next a video of what activist claim is a helicopter searching for the pilot

There's then four videos showing the remains of the aircraft, the first showing an engine

The next two show various pieces of debris

With a fourth showing the undercarriage

How it was shot down is unclear, and this isn't the first time a jet has been shot down in Mohassen, with the opposition downing a jet in August, and capturing it's pilot. 

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