Friday 5 October 2012

Multiple Videos Showing A Helicopter Shot Down Near Damascus

A number of videos have been posted on a number of opposition Youtube channels showing a helicopter being hit, then crashing, at East Ghouta, near Damascus.  The first two videos show the helicopter being hit, likely by 23mm AA fire

Update October 5th A very clear shot of the helicopter getting hit

These next videos show the helicopter spinning out of control and crashing into the ground

Update October 5th Another video of the helicopter falling

This final video shows the debris field

Update October 5th Another video was posted showing the debris field

Update October 5th @troublejee sent me this extremely graphic video of the remains of the pilot, or possibly pilots.

Currently it's unclear if this is related to the capture of an air defense base in the same area.

Update October 8th @troublejee has also sent me this photograph, that appears to show pairs of tracer bullets, strongly suggesting a ZU-23-2 was used to down the helicopter

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  1. I think the fourth clip down shows a ZPU-1 14.5mm AAA gun - they claim that is the unit that hot the helo.