Saturday 22 December 2012

Media Mentions And Appearances

Articles I've Written

Foreign Policy - How to Build an Army in Your Basement

Foreign Policy - Syria's DIY Revolt

Medium - How I Used Social Media to Become an “Accidental Arms Expert”

New York Times - Weapons From the Former Yugoslavia Spread Through Syria’s War

Sabotage Times - How I Accidentally Became An Expert On The Syrian Conflict

School of Data - Social Media and the Conflict in Syria


ARD TV - Gestern Kosovo, heute Syrien (German)

Channel 4 News - Brown Moses: the British blogger tracking Syrian arms

CNN - In his living room, blogger traces arms trafficking to Syria

Der Standard (Austria) - Higgins: Selbstgebastelte Sprengsätze immer wichtiger

Deutsche Welle - Weapons in Syria

France24 - Eliot Higgins, l'expert par accident du conflit syrien (French)

Guardian - How Brown Moses exposed Syrian arms trafficking from his front room

NOS TV - Britse blogger stort zich op Syrische wapenhandel (Dutch)

NPR - Variety Of Weapons Increases In Syrian Conflict

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Brown Moses – A Reliable Source Of Information On The Weapons In Syria (Arabic)

RTL - Wapenexpert niet overtuigd van Amerikaans bewijs (Dutch)

Sky Italia - Siria, il blogger che racconta il lato oscuro della guerra (Italian)

Spiegel Online - Syrien-Blogger Brown Moses: Der YouTube-Waffenexperte (German)

Syria Deeply - The Profile: The Man Behind Brown Moses

Times of Israel - Footage from rebels shows Iranian munitions in Syria

Vercernji List - Kako sam otkrio da Hrvati šalju oružje u Siriju (Croatian)

ZDF TV - Interview (German)

ITN's Truthloader - Syria's arms race: cluster bombs vs IEDs with Brown Moses

ITN's Truthloader - Best evidence yet that Assad carried out 'chemical attack'?


Advance - The New York Times o hrvatskom oružju u Siriji - saudijska kupnja i transfer preko Zagreba za Jordan, upletenost "visokih hrvatskih dužnosnika"(Croatian)

Atlantic Council - Are Syrian rebels now armed with heavy weapons from Croatia?

BBC News - Analysis: US Syria strategy aims to salvage reputation

BBC News - Syria chemical weapons allegations

Business Week - Syria's Rebels Raise Funds Online

Business Insider - Non-Radical Syrian Rebels Recently Received A Ton Of Foreign Weapons

CNN - Syrian rebels begin to challenge al-Assad's command of skies

CS Monitor - Where Syria's opposition groups get their rockets

Daily Star Lebanon - Gruesome video shows rebel biting into soldier’s heart

Daily Telegraph - EU battle over move to ease arms flow for Syrian rebels

Daily Telegraph - US and Europe in 'major airlift of arms to Syrian rebels through Zagreb'

Dnevnik - NY Times: Sirijski pobunjenici bore se hrvatskim oružjem! (Croatian)

Financial Times - Fresh clashes hit flights to Damascus

Foreign Policy - The Syrian rebels arm up

France24 - Syrian regime accused of using cluster bombs

France24 - 

Globe and Mail - How did Syria’s rebels get their hands on powerful new weapons?

Human Rights Watch - Syria: New Evidence Military Dropped Cluster Bombs

International Business Times - Turkey Bans Syrian Civilian Flights; Assad Forces Accused Of Using Russian-Made Cluster Bombs

Jutarnji List - Novi Detalji YouTube preplavljen snimkama hrvatskog oružja u rukama sirijskih pobunjenika! (Croatian)

Letna - Саудиты закупили хорватское оружие для сирийских повстанцев (Russian)

L'Espresso - Sì, hanno usato il nervino (Italian)

McClatchy - Syrian rebels’ arsenal now includes heavy weapons

McClatchy - To some, US case for Syrian gas attack, strike has too many holes

New York Times - Syrian Rebels Claim to Shoot Down Warplane 

New York Times - Syria Unleashes Cluster Bombs on Town, Punishing Civilians

New York Times - U.N. Envoy Seeks Pause in Syria for Holiday

New York Times - At War - Possible Score for Syrian Rebels: Pictures Show Advanced Missile Systems

New York Times - At War - Syria’s Dark Horses, With Lathes: Makeshift Arms Production in Aleppo Governorate, Part I

New York Times - At War - Syrian Forces’ Improvised Arms: Desperate Measures, or Deliberate Aid? 

New York Times - The Lede - As Last Member of NBC Team Escapes Syria, More Details on Hostage Drama Emerge

New York Times - The Lede - Multiple Clips of Syrian Helicopter Crash

NOW Lebanon - Who just started arming Syria rebels?

NOW Lebanon - Syria’s DIY revolution

Politika Plus - New York Times: Saudijci hrvatskim oružjem pomažu sirijskim pobunjenicima (Croatian)

Politiken - Her er nørderne, der leder efter sandheden i Syrien (Danish)

Press TV - Foreign powers send influx of arms to militants in Syria: Report

Reuters - Syria government, rebels ramp up conventional weapons use

Sol - Suriyeli muhaliflere silah transferi hangi ülkeden yapılıyor? (Turkish)

The Wall Street Journal - How to Become a Weapons Expert Without Leaving Home

The Global Post - Turkish doctors say no nerve gas in Syrian victims' blood

UPI - Syria denies but videos show cluster bombs

Washington Post - In Syria, new influx of weapons to rebels tilts the battle against Assad

Wired - Danger Room - Exclusive: U.S. Sees Syria Prepping Chemical Weapons for Possible Attack

Wired - Danger Room - Syria Fires Scud Missiles, Burning Bombs and Even Sea Mines at Rebels


The Loopcast - Arms in Syria

Middle East Week - Weapons in the Syrian Conflict

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