Wednesday 5 December 2012

How to Build an Army in Your Basement - Even More DIY Weapons

Recently Foreign Policy published a piece I had written for them on DIY weapons used in the Syrian conflict, How to Build an Army in Your Basement, which demonstrates some of the more common DIY weapons I've come across being used in Syria.  In this post I'll take a look at some of the more unique weapons that I couldn't include in the article, starting first with this remote control bomb

Here we have shells being prepared for a DIY cannon, as well as a video of it being fired


This video shows a DIY launcher for S5 rockets, commonly fired from missile pods attached to helicopters (and less commonly rocket pods welded to trucks)

Here's a selection of IEDs designed to destroy "T-82" tanks, which would be an impressive feat indeed, as they don't exist

More remote control weapons, this time a machine gun with it's own video camera targeting system

Here the cannon from a BMP-1 has been mounted onto a truck, possibly preserving the auto-loader system

And here's a somewhat less advance version of the above

And finally we have another DIY weapon used by Assad's force, the IRAM, written about at length by CJ Chivers here

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  2. Someone has been playing too much Black Ops.

    Seriously though, these are a very inventive ideas; the remote control bomb reminds me of the German Goliath bombs in WWII.