Tuesday 4 December 2012

Are Assad's Forces Using IEDs In Syria?

Here's two videos posted in the last month that may indicate a shift in tactics by the Syrian military in their fight against the Syrian opposition

These videos, filmed in the Deir Ez Zor and Aleppo regions, supposedly show IEDs that have allegedly planted by the Syrian army, not the Syrian opposition, and appear not to be the DIY barrel bombs (which I'll now refer to as ADIEDs, Air Delivered Improvised Explosive Devices) used by the Syrian Air Force.

The men in both videos claim the IEDs were planted by the Syrian Army, and if that's correct it might indicate a shift in tactics by the Syrian Army that mimics the style of fighting used by the Syrian opposition.  From the design of the IEDs in the second video it appears they are designed to attack unarmoured vehicles with a directed blast of shrapnel, which would make them ideal for attacking the unarmoured trucks used widely by the Syrian opposition across the country.

Whether or not this reflects a major shift in tactics remains to be seen, but it's certainly something I'll be keeping a close eye on.

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  1. According to Warriors Of God by Nicholas Blanford, IDF special forces also used IEDs during Lebanon 1982-2000 conflict in Southern Lebanon.

    Your blog and twitter feed is a fantastic effort, appreciated all over the world.