Sunday 9 December 2012

New Images Show Naval Mines Dropped On Dry Land In Syria

Some rather unusual videos and images of a newly recorded weapon reportedly dropped from a helicopter in Daraya have emerged today

I believe what we are seeing here is a naval mine, and it seems to have certain similarities with the SADAF-02 mine, a damage example of which is pictured here

However currently I don't have a solid 100% match in mind, so any suggestions are welcome.

The question is why are the Syrian air force now dropping naval mines on dry ground?  Having used ADIEDs are they now looking for more ways to deliver more explosives with their multi-purpose Hip helicopters?

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  1. Naval mines can be fuzed to function due to changes in magnetic signatures, acoustic changes, and seismic activity. Could be a cheap and dirty method to limit vehicular movement.

  2. I expect then to start dropping kitchen appliances and large rocks any day now

  3. What about toilets?