Sunday 26 May 2013

More Evidence Of Sanction Busting Iranian Munitions Deliveries To Syria

Last week I posted rare evidence of Iranian arms that had been shipped to Syria in the last 18 months, in violation of UN Security Council sanctions against Iran.  Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader of my blog, pfc-joker, there's now more evidence of Iranian sanction busting (video)

This video was filmed at a position captured from the Syrian military in the last few days, and at 80 seconds into the video we have a very clear shot of the markings on an munitions crate

This case contained/contains two 120mm mortar bombs, manufactured in 2012, and with AZ111A2 fuzes.  AZ111A2 fuzes are produced by the Iranian Defense Industries Organisation, described on their website as
one of the main affiliated subsidiaries of Ministry of Defense and Support of Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a completely state-owned organization is presenting its d uties and relative missions in the field of production and supply for the meeting of requirements of the Armed Forces of I.R. of Iran and also export of products, engineering and technical services.
AZ111A2 fuzes can be found here on their website, along with a full spec sheet, confirming they are produce for a variety of HE mortar bombs, including the 120mm size.

It's interesting to note that a 2009 shipment of sanction busting arms from Iran intercepted by Israel carried mortar rounds with the AZ111A2 (as well as the 107mm rockets), and the markings on the case are virtually the same format as seen in the above video

One thing this demonstrates how much crucial information can be gathered from the sides of wooden boxes, and why it pays to look out for all the little details in videos from Syria.

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