Thursday 16 May 2013

Video Of An Unknown Object Reportedly Dropped From A Helicopter During The Alleged Chemical Attack In Saraqeb, Idlib

Today a number of article have been posted on the BBC website reporting details of an alleged chemical attack on Saraqeb, Idlib, at the end of April

Syria crisis: 'Strong evidence' of chemical attacks, in Saraqeb
Syrians describe effects of alleged gas attack
Syria conflict: BBC shown 'signs of chemical attack'

I've written about the alleged chemical attack in Saraqeb in the past, and one new element of the story the BBC report covers is another item dropped from a helicopter during the attack
One device was said to have landed on the outskirts of Saraqeb, with eyewitnesses describing a box-like container, with a hollow concrete casing inside.
In another video, a rebel fighter holds a canister said to be hidden inside the devices. Witnesses claim there were two in each container.
Another video shows parts of a canister on the ground, surrounded by white powder.
I've been able to acquire a video showing the remains of the "box-like container" described in the report, along with the white power.

While this doesn't look like much it's interesting to note children are happy to walk within a few feet of the white powder without any apparent ill effect, which suggests it might not be a lethal chemical agent.

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