Sunday 26 May 2013

More Translated Radio Communications From Qusayr

Last week I posted a transcript of radio communications between government fighters, reportedly intercepted in Qusayr, Homs, that gave some insight into the fighting taking place.  Since then a couple more videos of recorded radio communications have been uploaded, and I've had them transcribed into English

Hadi al-Abdullah (local activist) All those who oversee and direct the military operations in Qusayr and all the military forces that are attacking Qusayr belong to Hezbollah. There is no presence whatsoever of Assad’s forces, and they don’t have any role in the bombardment or in the attempts to storm the town. Now we are intercepting Hezbollah’s radio communications in the battlefield.
0:22 636
0:39 Abu Zainab
0:42 Abu Yaser, come to 636
1:04 There is something like a bomb under us. Hamza, who’s talking? Thank you, 636. Where are you now? I want to join you.
1:30 Send the ambulance to Abu Yaser to recover them. Why is doing that?
1:36 Where are you? At what number?
1:48 Abu Yasser, can you hear me?
1:56 Hamza, please reply, at what number?
2:00 I am still in my place. Can you hear me well?
2:04 Define your location by the number. What number?
2:06 I am at 578
2:17 I am coming over to you.
Hadi al-Abdullah As you have seen, al the fighters in the battle are Lebanese. Their Lebanese accent is clear.
My translator says he also believe this is a Lebanese dialect.

0:06 Are the tank and the BMP ok? (Or has it worked with the tank and the BMP?)
0:08 ……. Bombs ….. there is a wall between us, we can’t manage it (Or things aren’t going well) . Abu Ali Mahdi.
0:20 Abu Ali Mahdi is talking. What should I do?
0:23 I can’t do it, I am encircled from all sides. They are throwing grenades at me and I can’t move or do anything. My men are falling in front my eyes and I can’t do anything. We need to retreat, then we will shell the area and after that we will retry breaking through.
0:41 Where should I send the Shilka? I want to relieve you. In what direction should I send it?
0:50 It won’t work. They came very close and threw grenades at me. They can see me while I can’t. They are fixing me and are encircling me from all sides. All my men will fall down.
1:40 Qusayr will be your grave. Allah Akbar
Again, my translator says he believes these are Lebanese accents and dialects.

As always it should be kept in mind there's no way to check if these are authentic communications.

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  1. Are these conversations between Pro-Assad forces or the rebels?