Wednesday 4 July 2012

Shabiha Captured In Salqin And Confronted By Their Victim's Family

A series of videos from the small town of Salqin, Idlib, 5km from the Turkish border shows men, and two teenage boys, captured by the FSA during fighting that took place on July 2nd 2012.  While there had been reports from Salqin of regular protests it was still under the control of Assad, and local shabiha were accused of attacking the local population.  This video from July 2nd shows civilians fleeing from the violence

Videos from July 3rd show FSA troops with around 25 of what they are claim to be captured shabiha, including two who look to be around 13-16 years old
In the last video members of the Martyrs of Idlib Brigade claim to have captured Salqin, along with the above shabiha.  Later videos have now been posted of the above group inside a room at an unknown location, and it appears only around 15 are there, not including the teenagers filmed above
The final video I've managed to find shows a local woman who identifies two of the men by name as brothers who killed her son, shouting and hitting them as the FSA members watch
What's interesting is the woman knows the names of both men, and I believe this may point to the shabiha being local men.  It's interesting that two boys were picked up, which, to me, implies they are also local, as I'd imagine they wouldn't be travelling around the country with a group of shabiha.  I should note that I examined the videos carefully to ascertain they were the same group of men, examining the clothing they were wearing and trying to indentify them in all the videos.  For example, the men who are hit in the video appear here and here (hiding his face, but identifiable by the ring he's wearing).  If anyone has more information on this incident please contact me on the below details.    

Update July 4th This video was sent to me by of the battle to capture Salqin
Update July 5th Another video like the one above has been posted, showing more footage from the fighting in Salqin. 

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  2. It's really silly farce by the FSA, those people are comparses, they aren't Shabiha. Have you seen a "Teenager Shabiha" before ?? Also some of them are smiling to the camera. Are those who were scaring the people in this Town. OMG..