Friday 27 July 2012

Two Examples Of Filming Unexploded S-5 Rockets (Updated With Bonus Child Endangerment)

Following on from my earlier posts on handling UXO I've been sent a couple of videos of unexploded S-5 rockets which really give two examples of a better way to film UXO, and the worst possible way to film UXO.  First of all this video of an unexploded S-5 rocket filmed today in Aleppo

While the cameraman really has no reason to get that close to the rocket he does at least avoid touching it, which is something that cannot be said about this video filmed a couple of days ago (thanks to Félim McMahon)

It really cannot be stressed how dangerous this is.  At the best of times any UXO could explode from the slightest movement, so kicking it repeatedly in a street full of fleeing women and children is just incredibly reckless behaviour.

Update - HamaEcho sent me this of some small children kicking some large UXO, which really speaks for itself

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