Sunday 22 July 2012

Two More Examples Of How Not To Handle UXO From Syria

As I've previously discussed in my earlier post on the handling of UXO in Syria there's been a worrying trend of activists filming the poor handling of a wide variety of UXO, from the small mortar shells to the largest bombs.  Here's two more examples of extremely inadvisable UXO handling.

In this first example we see a unexploded artillery shell being picked up and handled.  In the background we can here nearby children, so if the shell had gone off he wouldn't have only killed himself and the camera, but probably someone's children, something I don't think he'd be remembered kindly for
And what do we learn from that handling of the UXO?  Nothing, so why take the risk?

Next we have a great example of what not to do with an unexploded OFAB 250-270 that's been dropped from a Hind
If you find an fully intact unexploded OFAB 250-270 High Explosive Fragmentation Bomb my first piece of advice is not to use a tractor to drag it along the ground where they could be all sorts of lumps and bumps that could set it off. My second piece of advice is don't start kicking it like the guy at 1:18 does because that might just be pushing your luck a little too far.

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