Saturday 14 July 2012

Car Bomb Left Outside Mosque In Damascus Disarmed By FSA

Today there have been a number of reports from activists in Jobar, Damascus of a car bomb left outside a mosque, for example this Facebook post (translated by @LostInBeirut)
After the end of large protest held following Friday Prayer, Assad's gangs entered the Jobar neighborhood and spread around the mosques. When they arrived at the Grand Jobar Mosque, they left a car (Saba brand) near the north gate of the mosque and then left the neighborhood. One of the residents noticed this car and notified members of the FSA, who came to to the scene and searched the car and found a large bomb in the trunk with wireless detonators. They defused it and removed the bomb from the neighborhood.

Assad's gangs threatened the people of Jobar a number of times with punishment if they did stop the demonstrations and sent warnings to several prominent people in the neighborhood that the rebels of Jobar wanted them to stop the demonstrations and they will not bomb the neighborhood or carry out a terrible massacre.

One of the officers in Assad's gangs told striking shopkeepers last Saturday that they will soon face tougher punishment.
And this post (translated by @LostInBeirut)
It was reported to the leaders of the Brigade the existence of a car (Saba brand), white color with the license number 429 691, parked next to the north gate of the Grand Jobar Mosque. It had been seen entering with Assad's criminal forces while they were storming the neighborhood following the mass demonstrations, after Friday Prayers, to condemn the crimes of the regime and its massacres against the rights of our people in Tremseh. 

The car had been parked in a suspicious way under the observance of security forces and Assad's brigades and immediately after the security forces exited, an engineering unit under the command of the Haroun al-Rashid brigade discovered that the car had an explosive device with around 100kg of explosives and a wireless detonator.

Praise be to god that they were able to disarm the bomb and move it out of the neighborhood and transfer it to the control of General al-Habib al-Mustafa and send the car to a public street near Martyr's Square where it was burned to condemn this despicable move by al-Assad.
This video has also been posted by local activists showing the car bomb they claim was placed by Assad's men (via @sherbalkis)
In the video we see a white car, as described in the above Facebook posts, in the boot of which we clearly see what appears to be some sort of tank with two devices attached, which are removed from the device.  Luckily for the people removing those devices there's no anti-tampering devices on the bomb.  A number of photographs of the two devices removed were posted on the local activists Facebook page (thanks to Xandu)
As always it's impossibly to independently verify any of the claims about the car bomb being planted by Assad's forces, but the local activists have provided a good number of images of the bomb, so hopefully anyone with knowledge of these devices might be able to identify where the above pictured wireless detonator and charge may have come from.  It's believed that this is the actual explosive charge used to detonate the tank
And this is the wireless receiving used to detonate the charge from a distance
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  1. Good video to find and interesting to watch.

    No idea what the small green boxes are, although they could be electrical firing switches or adapted radio receivers. The LEDs and cable ports suggest to me that the box is a military electrical firing switch normally used for demolition charges or battle simulation charges.

    Just a note about terminology; a detonator (or blasting cap) is a small explosive charge used to initiate an explosive train (detonator--->booster charge---->main charge). A firing switch is the method by which the IED is initiated. There are three types of firing switch and they are 'command' (command wire, radio-control, suicide), victim operated and timed (chemical, mechanical, etc...).