Wednesday 5 September 2012

Alleged Shabiha Tried And Executed In Aleppo

Two videos have emerged from Aleppo showing a alleged shabiha in the custody of the FSA, then executed

A statement that was posted on the Aleppo Tawheed (Unification) Brigade Facebook page said that the man in the video, Mohammad Sa'ab, had been put on trial due to his involvement in the killing of dozens of protesters in Sukkari district of Aleppo.  He confessed to murdering the Zreig family, kidnapping, rape and further murders, financing Shabiha, and informing on Air Force intelligence on the activists Nur and Mohammed Khairallah from Andan.

The court ruled that he should be executed and the sentence was carried out in front of a crowd of 2000 people in the Sukkari district on September 5th, followed by celebrations among the local citizens.

The above is based on the statement provided by the brigade, so it's not possible to independently confirm the details, nor confirm the individual executed was guilty of the crimes he was accused of and confessed to, nor is it possible to confirm the events surrounding his confession and execution.

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  1. Justice is served. You can't make a democracy without killing fascists.

    Best to try and kill them now, If Assad wins then they wil all get free again.