Sunday 16 September 2012

New Bomb Identified In Syria - BETAB

Earlier today I came across this video from a village outside of Aleppo, which shows an unexploded example of a previously unseen bomb, which is closely (and dangerously) examined by the men in the video

Bjørn H Jespersen of the excellent .processing blog assisted greatly in identifying this as a BETAB-500M62 free-fall 500kg bomb, primarily used to attack concrete and hardened structures, as seen here [source]

According to Jane's the "bombs are believed to be cleared for carriage on MiG-21 'Fishbed', MiG-27 'Flogger', MiG-29 'Fulcrum', Su-22 'Fitter', Su-24 'Fencer', Su-25 'Frogfoot', Su-27 'Flanker', Tu-95 'Bear', Tu-16 'Badger', Tu-22 'Blinder' and Tu-22M 'Backfire'", which includes the aircraft used by the Syrian Air Force.

Update September 19th The second half of this video shows the same BETAB as filmed above

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  1. today aljazeera reporter showed 6 houses been demolished
    by one bomb and other house the bomb penetrate the ceiling but didnt explode

  2. It is scary to think that there's bomb where any civilians could wander off to. If not for the fast response of the authorities, who knows what will happen to that bomb found. Before, we only read it in books, college essays, and news about these bombs. Now, they're appearing more and more to people. It's really scary.