Monday 17 September 2012

Derek Haslam Confirms To Ian Hurst Southern Investigations Targeted MPs, Ministers, And The Home Secretary

Following the publication of the Independent's exclusive story that the "News of the World hired detective firm linked with murder to spy on Met Chief ", detailing Derek Haslam's accusations that Southern Investigations had targeted a number of politicians and senior members of the Metropolitan Police an audio recording of a conversation between Derek Haslam and Ian Hurst providing more details of what he discovered during his time working undercover at Southern Investigations has been put online (thanks to @iTraceUK)

Here's the transcript
Hurst - The point is that MPs, ministers, the Home Secretary, they were targets, and that information was communicated to your handlers.
Haslam - And the reason is they fell into two two camps of target, one that could be made, they could, er, financially make money from, and the other type was one that they could use, blackmail, or influence for their own benefit to do with their own thing, because they were so anti that squad.
Hurst - So, yeah, you mean they see...
Haslam - Yeah, anything that could put the Met into a bad light, or anybody they could implicate, or blackmail into helping them, you know, in two.  One would have been for earning money like Marunchak's end, and two would have been for influence.
Hurst - But you can put your hand on your heart and you can say categorically that all intelligence which you generated which demonstrated a threat to posed against an MP, a minister, or the home secretary was communicated to your handler?
Haslam - That's right, and you look at my motivation [cut]
This seems to show that according to Derek Haslam Southern Investigations allegedly targeted MPs, Ministers, and the Home Secretary for the purposes of manipulation and blackmail, with the assistance of Alex Marunchak of the News of the Wolrd.  It seems that the Independent story could be the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Hmmm, both Fox and Letwin were "victims" of strange burglaries as reported in The Guardian:

    Wonder if related?

  2. Odd how Derek Haslam (a known associate of Sid Fillery) never had his computer seized? Would that be due to free mason membership or an out of court settlement from The Met? Or what about his drink drive killing of a pedestrian?