Monday 17 September 2012

Collected ODAB Thermobaric Bomb Evidence

Back in August Bjørn H Jespersen examined evidence that pointed towards thermobaric bombs being used in Syria.  These bombs, also known as vacuum bombs, function by first dispersing a cloud of fuel shortly before a secondary detonation that ignites the fuel, creating a powerful shock wave.

Bjørn H Jespersen was first alerted to these after coming across this very unusual video from Talbiseh that clearly showed two large bombs moments before impact

Since that video 4 more videos have been found they appear to be the same style of bomb, if not the same model, 3 of which are from Talbiseh

By examining the damage to the three bombs in Talbiseh it appears they are different, not the same bomb filmed on 3 separate occasions.

In August activists claimed these bombs were being used, and the massive destruction caused by two bombs in Azaz has led some people to believe they were used in that attack.  It seems clear from the above videos and Bjørn H Jespersen's research that these bombs are in use, and I aim to collect more evidence of their use in this post.

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