Wednesday 5 September 2012

Reports Of An Aircraft Shot Down in Zamalka

Following yesterday's reports of a MiG-21 being shot down in Idlib there's now fresh reports of an aircraft being shot down in Zamalka, a town just east of the Damascus neighbourhood of Jobar
According to the Facebook page of Saif al-Islam brigade the aircraft was shot down during a raid on the "Al-Anadan checkpoint".  The video is pretty unclear, and it's not certain if the video is genuine or not, but I will be keeping an eye out for more evidence as the day goes on. 

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    Have you seen this video? This is the second one showing this same kind of 12.7 rifle aimed at aircraft.

  2. The aircraft was shut down after hearing gun shots in just a few minutes – this thing is clear. I wonder if the pilot is still alive.

    -Avionic testing | AvionTEq